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Prediction: Michael Vick Will Be a Complete Non-Factor Against the Chiefs

Thinking about tomorrow's kickoff and all the buzz this week that's been about the upcoming Eagles v. Chiefs game. It's been Michael Vick front and center with feature-length articles on every website, numerous pundits arguing back and forth about the merits of letting him back in the league and fans aplenty wondering just how effective he will be on the field after so much time off.

Many have been saying how ecstatic Andy Reid must be to have such a wild card or x-factor in his back pocket and wondering how the Chiefs can provide an answer. So perhaps it needs to said here so I can gloat on Monday when the dust settles:

Michael Vick will have absolutely no bearing on the outcome of Sunday's game.

The fanfare, the hoopla, the protests, the predictions, the questions, the buzz... it's all for naught, at least this early. Even with the preseason and workouts, Vick's hardly acclimated himself back to being a consistent force in the NFL game. Playing on a high level in the NFL takes being at your absolute best, both mentally and physically, and it's difficult to fathom Vick is ready for his breakout game yet.

We see this time and again with various athletes holding on and attempting to come back only to learn the rigors of the NFL season are too much to handle. Vick can definitely get back, but it takes time and experience to adjust and that's not something he's had enough of.

Plus, the (over)hype on something like this leads to a major letdown - more often than not. From the debut of the big time draft pick to the calling up of a minor league prospect, most majorly hyped debuts end up with a shrug of the shoulders and a "what was all of that about?"

The Eagles already have an identity firmly in place with playmakers who already ask for the ball and deserve to receive it. Then the Eagles added even more with the draft picks of Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. Vick is just one more who might receive his turn every now and then but there's certainly no real priority in the team's game plan - save for the media who loves to think Vick might show up at QB for several plays while running for 100 yards in newly made up formations.

This isn't some sort of Tecmo Bowl or Madden game. This is real football where the hyped often end up maligned (i.e. Maurice Clarett among hundreds of other examples) and where those underappreciated yet prepared end up getting the work. So my belief is that Vick's impact is absolutely minimal and we'll see several games fly by before Vick is utilized to any meaningful degree.