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Does It Make Any Difference to Have Haley In Our Corner Vs. The Eagles?

Just in case you've lost some perspective, allow me to remind you that our current head coach was the same offensive coordinator who deftly handled the well-known Eagles blitzing techniques to knock out the heavily favored Eagles on the road. In the process, the Cardinals marched straight into the Super Bowl - a move no one saw coming.

Now, that same offensive coordinator dons the same position - along with Head Coach - for the Chiefs. And the natural question is: does his experience make a difference this time around?

I'm personally of the opinion that every little bit of information helps. I also think that while it's a different defensive coordinator - with the loss of Jim Johnson and corresponding move to Sean McDermott - and a new year, many of the same techniques are still in place. Not to mention the Eagles have hardly been overwhelming any opponent so far into the new year.

I've waffled on my personal feelings regarding the outcome of the Chiefs v. Eagles game - believing one minute the Chiefs can pull something off and then next realizing that we've a long road ahead. It would make for an interesting story if Haley gets the momentum moving this time around against the very same team that earned him a Super Bowl appearance.