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Is It Okay for Pioli to Completely Clean House for the Chiefs?

"If a team out there made a good offer for Bowe, he would be gone tomorrow. Like I said, outside of Cassel and Jackson, there's no Chief who can't be had for the right price. New regimes like their own players; this is not something new to Haley and Scott Pioli. This is a universal truth." -Adam Schefter, ESPN

As a personal fan of Schefter's reporting, I've found him to know what he's talking about, more often than not. Of course, many teams could say the same about a number of players, but for there to only be two untouchable players? This brings up a great question for us to consider as we look forward to Sunday's action:

If Schefter is right (which he might not be), is this a good thing?

In other words, at what point is it okay to completely clean house of the talent pool already established? Is there a point where you're getting rid of players just for the sake of it? There are numerous ways to become a winning team, but from what you've seen so far, what do you think of the formula and Schefter's comments?