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Former Chiefs Coach Likes the Eagles Quarterbacks

Herm Edwards talked to the folks at 810 WHB this week about the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.   Herm has been impressed with Matt Cassel's mobility, particularly outside the pocket in last week's loss to the Oakland Raiders.

But he's even more impressed with the Eagles offense, which he calls potent because of a certain quarterback.

"I did their preseason games and he threw the ball very well believe it or not," Herm said on the progress of Michael Vick.  "He still made some bad decisions with the ball security putting it on the ground some.  He didn't have his legs under him but I think that was because he hadn't practiced in a while.  Now, he's practiced for a while and he can still make plays with the ball in his hand. 

"They've got a potent offense now."

But that's not the only quarterback Herm likes.  He also talked about Sunday's presumed starter, Kevin Kolb, and how new signee Jeff Garcia fits in.

"He's a quick study and understands the offense," he said of Garcia.  "He can throw the vertical like Kolb.  Watching him (Kolb) in preseason I saw he can throw the ball down the field but he made some mistakes, turning the ball over, which hurt them.  Then they got behind and couldn't run the ball.

"If he falters again, I think Andy would put Garcia in the football game. "

Uh-oh.  Chiefs fans, we do not want to see Garcia in the game.  He is a fine, fine player and has done very well in situations like this.

Last week, Kolb threw for nearly 400 yards but had a couple of throws he'd like to take back.  Edwards talked about the progress of Matt Cassel, who showed a lot of mobility despite coming off of a knee injury.

"When he saw chances to make plays with his legs, he did it and I think that'll help them in the long run," Edwards said of Cassel.  "You're right, he missed a lot of the preseason due to his injury.  No different than Tom Brady - he spent a year out - and he's not the same guy he was a year ago. 

Herm talked about the Eagles defense, which he calls "pretty good", even though that wasn't shown last week against the Saints because "they expose everybody."  While he didn't offer up a prediction for the game (since he's a TV analyst these days) but it sounds like he likes the Eagles.