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Eagles Crowd Will Have Reasons to be Loud Against the Chiefs

Whenever I look at the Kansas City Chiefs schedule looking for a victory, I point to the December home game against the Denver Broncos.  One of the reasons?  Derrick Thomas' number is being retired and the crowd will (hopefully) be so amped up that it will help drive the team to victory.

Well, it works both ways.  The Philadelphia Eagles crowd will be loud on Sunday for the induction of Randall Cunningham and Al Wistert to the Honor Roll, the Eagles version of the Ring of Honor.

Cunningham played for the Eagles from '85 to '95 while Wistert was a defensive tackle on two championship teams from '43 to '51.

It's also a home game where the Eagles are pretty good.  They went 6-2 at home last season.  They're currently 0-1 at home.  In '07, they only won two games at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Oh, and add that to the return of Michael Vick to the NFL.  Yeah, this will be a ramped up crowd.