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Scott Pioli's Boston Ties: Chiefs Welcome Red Sox to Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs welcomed Terry Francona and the Boston Red Sox to practice yesterday.

The Sox are in town for a four game set with the Royals.  Good news for Kansas City: Through three games the Royals lead 2-1 in the series.

"It was a different hour,’’ Francona said. "I wish I could have stayed more, it was fun. It was a different mentality than we’re used to. I really enjoyed it.’’

Different mentality?  Uhh, yeah.  Baseball players are some of the highest paid players and don't put their bodies through the same physical stress that football players do.

"Well, they’re 300-pound men trying to kill each other in practice. We’re taking grounders getting ready for a game.’’

Scott Pioli also visited the Sox clubhouse on Tuesday.

It's not Pioli's first tie to baseball since he's been here.  Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge visited with Pioli, a "friend of the Tribe", a few months ago.  Wedge called Pioli a "genuine person and a genuine friend."

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