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Chiefs Coach on Eagles Media Circus: 'I like that we're under the radar'

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spoke with the media today and, understandably so, much of the conversation shifted to the Wildcat and the return of Michael Vick to regular season action. 

Haley was asked about Terrell Owens, or "the player" as I'm sure he'd like to refer to him, and how he handled that media circus while with the Cowboys.

"I’m not going to tell them how to coach," he said.  "I have to worry about here and the Kansas City Chiefs."

Good.  It would be a little awkward if he began to give them some advice.  However, I would guess that Haley's advice would involve using the words "the player" instead of the player's name and a bunch of four letter words.  That just seems his style, doesn't it?

In comparison to the Eagles, the Chiefs are certainly under-the-radar.  If it weren't for the offseason moves of Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel, they may have been passed over entirely by the national media.  It may not be that bad but the Chiefs are nowhere near the Eagles in terms of media hoopla.

"I’ve kind of liked where we’ve been at, under the radar a little bit," Haley told reporters.  "Not a lot of people paying attention to us and so that’s what I’m worried about – trying to get this team ready to be a little bit better every single day. That’s all I’m trying to do. A little bit better every single day and hopefully every single week."

The Eagles situation is nothing new to Haley who worked for the Cowboys for a few years.  Yeah, America's Team, Jerry Jones, Jerry World (new stadium) and the like.  It's all a big circus just the way the owner likes it.  Haley talked about his familiarity with a lot of media attention.

"I’ve coached for the Cowboys for three years. We had a circus atmosphere for a lot of the time. I don’t know if it worked for or against us."

So what do you all think?  Will the media attention help or hurt the Eagles?

I'm not sure if it matters a whole lot.  On the one hand, some players love being on a bigger stage, with more people watching.  It's like Monday Night Football when certain players seem to amp it up to another level.  On the other hand, it might be a distraction as they prepare for the Chiefs this week.

For Kansas City's sake, let's hope it's the latter.