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Chiefs Have Been Preparing for Michael Vick and the Wildcat

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked about his team's preparation for the Eagles who, like the Chiefs, don't have complete stability at the quarterback situation this second.  And, unlike the Chiefs, they are inserting a new weapon into the offense this week - Michael Vick.

The wildcat, where someone other than the quarterback takes the snap, has been the craze as of late.  "Like I said, that’s the wave right now, this wildcat wave," Haley told reporters.

The wildcat really made waves last year when the Miami Dolphins unveiled it to beat the New England Patriots early in the year.  Since that point, a large number of teams have tried to copy that.  For Haley, they've been preparing for the wildcat wave.

"We spent a lot of time as a defensive staff in the offseason and even as an offensive staff trying to be as prepared as we could for some of those things. Obviously, on game day it’s being ready for whatever tweaks they’ve made to it."

As far as the wildcat goes, there may not be a better option for that than Vick.

"I know that there were a lot of times down there in Atlanta where I was holding my breath when he was holding the football. That’s what I remember, the fear factor. He’s a big-time athlete that has the chance to play the game that I’m sure he loves."

Last week, the Eagles ran ten offensive plays out of the wildcat, presumably in preparation for the return of Vick.  It was receiver DeSean Jackson taking the snaps last week.  This week?  It could be any of them but, according to Haley, Vick presents the most problems out of that offensive set.

"Well yeah. I think for sure because you don’t always know what skills those guys have other than what you’ve seen them play at their position. If you had a guy like (QB) Michael (Vick) playing it, you know he probably throws, I would think, better than any of them, so that adds another dimension to it with his ability to run and throw."

So, the Chiefs have been preparing for this day and this formation all offseason.  The Eagles with Vick are probably the team best suited to run it.  Now it's just up to the Chiefs to stop it.