Note: Wedding Week

Good morning everyone,

This is a big a week for our blogfather, Chris. Ms. Arrowhead Pride will become Mrs. Arrowhead Pride on Friday evening in Austin, TX. I'm driving part of the way there this afternoon and the rest of the way in the morning.

There's some of the normal wedding stuff planned throughout the week (remember to pick up Ms. Primetime!) so we'll have less time to devote to Arrowhead Pride over the next few days (we think) than we normally do.

We'll be able to get stuff scheduled to post throughout the day but we may not be as on top of breaking news and the like as we're used to.

But the beauty of Arrowhead Pride is that everyone else picks up the slack while we're away. So, even though we'll be gone, expect the same high quality content from the community.

Thanks, everyone.


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