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Tony Gonzalez Back in Town

Yesterday, in our continuing effort to mention all (reported) charity work done by the Kansas City Chiefs, there was some information on Matt Cassel and the Shadow Buddies program.  If you're heard of this program, it's probably because of Tony Gonzalez, who has been an active member and supportive voice since his arrival in Kansas City.

Last night, at the Shadow Buddies annual benefit dinner, Mr. Gonzalez returned to Kansas City for an appearance. 

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star has a good story on it and explains that in Kansas City Tony is still, well, Tony.

"I’m here to see Tony," David Cook (American Idol) says.

"It’ll be great," Cassel says of meeting him.

They say it's his first time back since being traded to the Atlanta Falcons in April but it certainly won't be his last.  "I grew up here," he says. "I’ve been saying that all along, especially when they traded me. My heart’s in Kansas City. I love coming out here. It’s just great. The community out here was so good to me for all those years."

Here's a little more information on the Shadow Buddies program, courtesy of the Chiefs website:

"By year’s end, the Shadow Buddies Foundation will have distributed over 800,000 buddies since its start 14 years ago. Shadow Buddies are condition-specific dolls that are dispersed to youth and the elderly. These "buddies" depict the same condition as the person that receives it as a way to help remind them that they aren’t alone in their struggles."

Here is a link to TG's foundation for even more information.

It's a pretty cool foundation from what I've read and we're lucky enough to have folks like Matt Cassel continuing the Chiefs involvement.