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Chiefs Familiar With Three of Eagles Four QBs

The Kansas City Chiefs have faced three of the Philadelphia Eagles four quarterbacks expected to be on the roster at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

The one they haven't faced, Kevin Kolb, is quickly becoming the presumptive starter (in the media, at least).  Injured starter Donovan McNabb didn't rule out missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs according to reports out of Philadelphia.

The Chiefs have faced McNabb, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick. The good news?  Vick's been terrible.  The bad news?  McNabb and Garcia have been perfect.

QB Comp./Att Pct. Yards TD/INT Rating W/L
McNabb 51/74 68.9 638 5/2 106.7 2-0
Garcia 76/103 73.8 758 1/2 89.4 3-0
Vick 7/21 33.3 119 0/2 13.9 0-1
Totals: 134/198 67.6 1,515 6/6 87.9 5-1

Yeah I know - different teams, schemes and situations.  A lot different.

Eagles quarterbacks are third in attempts this season and fourth in touchdowns.  The Chiefs defense is in the middle of the pack on both those statistics.

While we're on the quarterback topic, here are a few notes on the Eagles situation:

  • Peter King reports McNabb is not expected to play on Sunday
  • If McNabb is out, Kevin Kolb will get the start
  • King: Reid told me last night: "Kolb's the least of my problems.'' I agree. Garcia was just insurance.
  • On Sunday, Kolb attempted 51 passes and threw 391 yards for two touchdowns and three interceptions
  • On the wildcat: "I don't think it disrupted us at all. The plays we used the Wildcat, it definitely was successful," DeSean Jackson said.