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The Chiefs Defense Did (Almost) Everything It Could Against the Raiders

Say what you will about the Oakland Raiders offense and JaMarcus Russel, the Kansas City Chiefs defense played a spectacular game.

With the exception of the Raiders final go-ahead scoring drive in the fourth quarter. Which accounted for 42% of their offensive yards, as Josh Looney noted.

The Raider had eleven drives on offense on Sunday. On seven of them, they didn't record a first down. The Raiders only had eleven total first downs for day. (The Chiefs racked up 25 first downs which is just awesome to see)

Just how dominant were the Chiefs on defense on Sunday? Read more, after the jump.

Pass defense

Even though Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell was 7/24 for only 109 yards, I'm not going to say that was because of the Chiefs D hard play. I mean, it was. But those are Russell's normal numbers so we'll take a pass for now.

Russell was lucky he didn't throw a pick six to Brandon Flowers, which would have been the icing on the cake of his terrible numbers today.

The Chiefs had 7 pass deflections too, which were a big part of Russell's 17 incompletions. Most notable of those deflections were a tipped deep pass by Maurice Legget after the Bowe TD and Glenn Dorsey batting down a Russell pass near the Oakland goal line.

Final Raider stats: 109 passing yards, 7/24, 7 pass deflections

QB pressure

Forget about any comparison's to last season's year of futility pressuring the quarterback. The Chiefs had two sacks and two QB hurries against the Raiders. Derrick Johnson's sack in the first quarter was a drive killer but the Chiefs second sack was negated by a Wallace Gilberry personal foul. That personal foul negated what would have been 2nd and 18 for the Raiders. On their final scoring drive.

Chiefs QB pressure stats: 2 sacks, 2 QB hurries

Run defense

Last season in Week 2, the Chiefs gave up 300 yards rushing to Raiders. Today, the Chiefs run defense stifled Darren McFadden and Michael Bush for a Raider total of only 67 yards rushing.

Final Raider rushing stats: 61 yards on 25 attempts

Third down conversions

The Raiders were looking like the Chiefs on third downs - 3/13 (23%). Here's how the Raiders third downs went, well, down. It's more than 13 plays because I counted the penalties, which are actually tallied as no play.

  • Incomplete pass (7)
  • DJ sack
  • 1st down pass
  • KC penalty for 1st down
  • Oakland penalty
  • 1-yard run
  • 1st down run
  • Oakland penalty
  • 28-yard first down pass
  • Kneel for -1 yards

Each incomplete pass and Derrick Johnson's first quarter sack were drive killers. The Chiefs dominated the Raiders on third down.

Total domination

Before I get into the one drive that actually beat the Kansas City Chiefs, here is a chart comparison of all the areas of this game the Chiefs led in .I'm literally going stat by stat on the game book, with no bias whatsoever.

Chiefs Raiders
First downs x
3rd down % x
Total yards x
Total off. Plays x
Avg. gain per play x
Rush yds. x
Rush plays x
Tackles for loss x
Pass yds x
Pass comp. % x
Punt avg. x
Penalities x
Field goals x
Red zone efficiency x
T.O.P x


The Raiders only needed one drive

It was so sad that as well as the Chiefs' defense played against the Raiders, it was one Oakland scoring drive in the fourth quarter that lost the game for KC.

With 2:30 left in the football game and the Chiefs up by four points, all they needed to do was what they had been doing pretty much all day - frustrate JaMarcus Russell, stop the run.

Three plays in a row really put the Raiders into Chiefs territory and gave them hope that they could score a TD.

On the third play of the drive, JaMarcus Russel hit Louis Murphy for 19 yards. Immediately after that, the Chiefs sack Russell on 1st and 15 but Chiefs DE Wallace Gilberry committed a personal foul. And a questionable one at that.

1st and 18 just disappeared into a 15 yard gain. I almost got sick to my stomach at that point.

An 11-yard pass to Darren McFadden after that and boom, the Raiders are in Kansas City territory. Only took twenty seconds too.

A couple of incompletes and an Oakland false start later, the Chiefs had the Raiders right where they wanted them - 3rd and 15.

And, as I just watched this next play, I can't believe how open WR Todd Watkins was to get that 28-yard catch that put the Raiders on the Chiefs' 14-yard line.

Just a total breakdown across the middle and it costs the Chiefs the game. Wow.

You know the rest. McFadden. McFadden. Touchdown. Chiefs lose.


If the Chiefs stop JaMarcus Russell from completing that 28-yard pass to Todd Watkins, do the Chiefs win? Oh yes, I think they do.

What happened on that play?

Football games come down to a handful of plays that win or lose them for teams. The Chiefs had more losing plays than the Raiders.

Defense is pretty darn good

The pass rush is there and developing. Brandon Flowers is emerging as a top corner. I like how our defensive line is playing together as a unit. There aren't any stars yet per se but it's easly.

So, the Chiefs defense does almost everything it can to win the game for KC. Almost. Unfortunately, almost isn't good enough.