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Now Chiefs Defense Prepares for Eagles, Michael Vick

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Philadelphia Eagles in six days but, as far as the national media is concerned, it's not just another game.

It's the return of Michael Vick.

Of course, there are a lot of off-the-field reasons it brings attention but on-the-field he brings a whole other dynamic.

"Definitely," linebacker Derrick Johnson said when asked about the problems Vick poses.  "Using the wildcat, you run the ball a lot but when you've got Michael Vick in there you can throw the ball.  Like I said, he gives defensive coordinators headaches.  He's been doing that for years but hopefully we can put a lot of hits on him on Sunday."

Glenn Dorsey isn't too familiar with the how the Eagles operate on offense, he's learning that today in film sessions, but he's a fan of watching Vick play.

"Oh yeah, without a doubt," Dorsey said when asked if he likes to watch Vick play.  "I love watching big plays.  I know he's going to be ready to go, his first regular season game in a couple years since he went through all his stuff so I know he's going to be ready to go.  It's going to be a tough task but we can do it."

But will he be ready?

"Oh I'm not sure," Dorsey said.  "We'll be ready to play football. I can say that."

Johnson, on the other hand, believes Vick will be ready.

"Yeah he still has it and he's going to let it out, too, whenever he gets his chance," he said.

The Chiefs will be prepared for what's likely to be a rowdy game at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.  The national media is already starting to hype Vick's return, no matter how big or small his role may be.  And that hype comes with good reason, DJ says.

"He can throw the ball and run the ball," Johnson said.  "There's really nothing you can say bad about Michael Vick.  He's a guy that imposes conflict on any kind of defense you run at him.  You gotta have someone watching him at all times because he's probably the most talented guy in the league."

"Probably so, especially if he plays but that's just the nature of the game," Johnson said when asked whether he thought Vick would play.  "That's just the way it goes.  Michael Vick will probably get his chance to play on Sunday."

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