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15 Years Since Chiefs had Four Straight NFC Games

It's been 15 years since the Kansas City Chiefs have played four straight against the NFC.  In 1994, the Chiefs opened the season with four straight against the NFC West (Was it still called the West back then?):

Final record: 3-1

Starting Sunday, the Chiefs will once again play all their NFC games in one consecutive stretch: at Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, at Redskins

Final record: ???

There's a reason they play the games but I'm going to make an assumption that the Chiefs will not win three of these four games.  In order to avoid being so negative, though, here are a few positives for the Chiefs against each of these teams.

Eagles: Donovan McNabb is likely out.

Giants: Don't expect Mario Manningham and Steve Smith to combine for 20 catches very often.  Last night was a high point for them.

Cowboys: Tony Romo had three interceptions last night.

Redskins: Like the Raiders victory, their 9-7 victory yesterday felt more like a loss