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Chiefs Scouts, Coaches Stayed Busy Last Week

Though the NFL transactions sheet will show only two moves for the Kansas City Chiefs last week - released Turk McBride and signed Bobby Wade - they were very active.

College scouts attend a lot of games every year but only a few are reported.  Last weekend, there were a few games Chiefs scouts attended:

That's one of what is probably dozens of teams and players the Chiefs are keeping their eye on.

There were also a few reports out of players that came into town for a workout.  Interestingly, they're all cornerbacks:

Pretty interesting, huh?  Well, maybe not to everyone but it's interesting to me because this helps us keep an eye on a position that the Chiefs are possibly looking to upgrade.  Of course, the more I try to predict about this team, the more I'm wrong.

Tuesday is usually the free agent workout day in the NFL so we'll be keeping our ears open over the next few days.