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Chiefs QB Cassel Watching Film of Cardinals QB Warner

During Sunday's broadcast of the Kansas City Chiefs 13-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders Solomon Wilcots had an interesting nugget:

Matt Cassel has watched every game Kurt Warner has played in under Todd Haley in Arizona.

These Chiefs put in a lot of time in the film room so it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Still, though, it gives us an idea of who he is trying to emulate.  Considering Warner's success under Haley last year, it's a good goal.

Warner completed a whopping 67.1% of his passes in his first full season with Haley as a playcaller.  He also threw for over 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns.  It was his second best season in his twelve year pro career - yeah, at age 37.  He threw for more yards and less interceptions than the previous year when Haley was not the full-time playcaller.  Correlation?  We have no idea.

For the Chiefs, Cassel's 241 yards came on 24 passes (10 yards per completion).  With the help of a strong Larry Johnson (at times), Cassel completed almost 62% of his passes.  For those not in the know, that's a pretty good number.

I specifically note completion percentage because....

Kurt Warner set the NFL record for completion percentage yesterday hitting 24/26 passes.  92%!

Yep, the guy Cassel's scouting in the film room.  Warner had as many completions as Cassel but with 13 less pass attempts.  He also had two touchdowns and 243 yards.

Warner's a good player to emulate because completion percentage might be the most important statistic for a quarterback.  He's played well for three different teams so he's not just a system player, which has been a knock on Cassel in the past.