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Chiefs on Pace to Double Last Year's Sack Mark

We're an easy bunch to please.  After last year's record setting 10 sack season, the Kansas City Chiefs are on pace for 24 sacks. 

Yeah, yeah, it's a small sample size, I know.  But there is some hope with the front seven.  Chris is coming up with a more detailed post on the defense but I wanted to highlight that something as little as three sacks every game makes the Chiefs pass rush twice as good as last year.

Today there were two sacks.

  • Derrick Johnson sack on 3rd and 10
  • Wallace Gilberry sack on 1st and 15

Yeah, like I said, it's not much but it's still a start.  After two games, they're tied for third place in the NFL.

Other bright spots on the defense:

  • Tank Tyler again had seven tackles
  • Glenn Dorsey had four tackles

Unfortunately, though, they didn't get any of those turnovers they got in Baltimore.  Despite having one of the most inaccurate games that I can remember (and let's face it: I'm a Chiefs fan so I know about inaccurate passers), JaMarcus Russell did not turn the ball over.