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So Far So Good for Chiefs New Receiver Bobby Wade

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Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Star

If you watched the Kansas City Chiefs game this afternoon, then you probably noticed No. 80 out on the field early and often.  No, no that wasn't Jeff Webb, who has since been released.

It was new receiver Bobby Wade.  Cut by the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, signed by the Chiefs on Monday and six catches for 72 yards on Sunday.

Not bad, right?

In the Chiefs 13-10 loss to the Oakland Radiers, Matt Cassel looked at Wade early and often.  29 of Cassel's first 30 passing yards went to him.

This is a nice stat - especially after a few plays with Mark Bradley last week - Wade caught four first downs and got 8 on a 3rd and 9 on another play.

  • 3rd and 4: 16 yard reception
  • 1st and 10: 5 yard reception
  • 3rd and 9: 8 yard reception
  • 2nd and 9: 12 yard reception
  • 1st and 10: 20 yard reception
  • 1st and 10: 11 yard reception

[First downs in bold]

Wade was targeted eight times.

"Bobby did a great job today," Cassel said.  "He stepped up; he worked hard all week. He came in and really made a huge impact today. I was happy to see him step up. It was just one of those days that he was getting the ball a lot and he got open and we gave him the ball."

He also returned six punts for a run-of-the-mill 9.0 yards per return.

First week is in the books for Wade and the results are positive.