I'm pissed just a warning..

I'm about to give you three reasons why Todd Hailey should be fired.

Reason 1. Todd thinks his The Tuna only problem is Parcells has won super bowls and this guy was the OC of a team that got hot in the playoffs and made it to the super only to loose before that he has been a gofer/assistant/ WR coach. He has no football background the freaking guy played Golf in college I don't care if his father is a great scout that dosent't mean his father would be a great coach.

Reason 2. He's full of himself or something else :(

Todd preached all of season about bringing in smart players who he can teach and train is that why a guy you brought in let a punt bounce into the endzone that could have been downed on the 5yrd line or is that why ur QB threw an out pass with 7secs left in the half with no timeouts when the player was surrounded and not close to the sideliness??

Reason 3.

Todd Ladies and gentlemen is a fraud, a rich prep whos fathers connections got him a gob in the league and he's run with his chance. Todd grew up in a very affluent area, didn't play college football no hard struggles in life nothing to build character so he steals his from Parcells. He's not some tough SOB he should be a gold instructor out at Robin Nigros.Todd is fake and the players know it thats why they pay him no attention the think he's full of it and has never accomplished anything. I mean come on which one of you on reading this now could not have taken the cardinals team last year and made them a #1 offense with Larry Fitzgerald and Boldin???


1. Bill Cowher

2. Tony Severino,

3.Kelly Donohoe

4.Gary Pinkel

5. BF Mark Mangino

6. My grandmother (because she thought his playing calling sucked)!!!

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