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Story Lines from the Kansas City Chiefs 13-10 Loss to the Oakland Raiders

In a game that tests your team devotion, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Oakland Raiders 13-10.  It's the third consecutive game the Raiders have won in Arrowhead Stadium.

Two things we learned:

  • This offense can put up decent numbers but, for a variety of reasons, can not score touchdowns
  • The defense breaks down in the most critical of situations.

Yeah, there were some good moments on both sides of the ball.  Ultimately, though, the Chiefs only had three points on the board until 2:38 left in the game.

Frustrating is the way to describe it.  Here are a few notes on the game:

The Return of Matt Cassel

If it weren't for the Chiefs loss, Matt Cassel's return would be the story.  He made a couple of mistakes to Michael Huff, one of which was in Raider territory.

He completed 24/39 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown.

With 2:38 seconds to play in regulation, and Stanford Routt in for Nnamdi Asomugha, Cassel hit Dwayne Bowe 29 yards down the field for his first touchdown pass as a Kansas City Chief.  If it weren't for the defensive breakdown on the next Raiders possession, that would have won the game.

LJ's Big Day

Some will tell you it was the offensive line, and to a degree it was, but the LJ of old returned today.  He made defenders missed and brought back his trademark bulldozer style of running.

Still, though, it wasn't enough.  He rushed 24 times for 78 yards, which comparatively speaking, aren't amazing numbers but they represent and upgrade for the Chiefs running game.


Count me as one of the folks that did not see this coming.

After committing just three penalties last week, they drew a flag on nine occasions.

The good news is that the Raiders weren't much better.  The Raiders last drive had three penalties alone.  In the whole game, the Raiders committed seven penalties.

JaMarcus Russell Is Not Very Good

One of the most frightening realities for the 2009 Raiders: JaMarcus Russell's 12/30 performance last week is his most accurate game of the season. 

Today he completed 7/24 passes.

Seriously.  Look at his career stats.  Hitting less than 50% of his receivers is not uncommon.

In the first half, he threw a wounded duck after being hit by Mike Brown.  Of course, Zach Miller dropped it.

Down Goes Waters

It's no big deal now - but Brian Waters went down in the second half.  He was helped up by trainers and limped off under his own control.

Good news: He was back just a few plays later.