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Kevin Harlan Returns to Arrowhead in Chiefs Loss to the Raiders

Solomon Wilcots and Kevin Harlan of CBS were the announcers for the Kansas City Chiefs 13-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders this afternoon.

Harlan, of course, called the Chiefs game from 1985-1993.  He also called games for the Kansas City Kings and University of Kansas (and Missouri!) so he's a local guy.

Here are a few of the interesting calls.  If you remember any good ones, put 'em in the comments.

"I know when we met him he was a slimmer, trimmer Larry Johnson.  And his attitude...I think he wants to be a leader."  -Solomon Wilcots

"He said he watched every game of Kurt Warner in this Todd Haley offense."   -Solomon Wilcots on Matt Cassel

"Nine run plays, five pass plays.  A very good balance for Todd Haley."  -Solomon Wilcots on the Chiefs first scoring drive

"He's gotta be able to make those catches in traffic like he did but, boy, did they pick something up when they landed him."  -Solomon Wilcots on Bobby Wade

"It's been a long rivalry.  50 years between these two AFL teams."  -Kevin Harlan

"Some nifty running to make guys miss!" -Solomon Wilcots on a shifty Jackie Battle

"Great, great hang-time.  5.16 seconds for Dustin Colquitt on a great punt."  -Kevin Harlan

"@#$%$ $%^ $&$&"  -Todd Haley when Dantrell Savage didn't get out of bounds to stop the clock

"Man, Todd Haley seems pissed off all the time."  -Chris

"Intercepted again!" -Kevin Harlan on a Matt Cassel interception

"Almost intercepted by Dorsey!  He's having a very good game today."  -Kevin Harlan

"How about the quickness in space, running hard by Savage."  -Solomon Wilcots

"Haley's giving him more opportunities and boy did it pay off there."  -Solomon Wilcots on Dantrell Savage

"Todd Haley, Chiefs coach, gave him some cut ups of Corey Dillon and how he used to run."  -Solomon Wilcots on LJ

"The ineffective Raider offense and JaMarcus Russell getting it next."  -Kevin Harlan on his way out to a commercial break

"What an ugly offensive game this has been."  -Kevin Harlan

"Todd Haley is like a cobra, waiting to strike."  -Kevin Harlan

"On 3rd and 15, they pick up 28!"  -Kevin Harlan on the Raiders 3rd down conversion inside the 20

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