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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs v. Oakland Raiders


When: Noon Arrowhead time

Raiders on SBN: Silver and Black Pride

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Arrowhead Weather: Cloudy, game time high of around 70 degrees, tiny chance of rain

Listen online: 101 the Fox (click Listen Live in the upper right corner)

NFL TV Maps: The 506

Inactives: Chiefs - Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), WR Terrance Copper, QB Matt Gutierrez, CB Ricardo Coclough, RB Jamaal Charles, C/G Andy Alleman, TE Brad Cottam, LB Pierre Walters

Raiders - Charlie Frye (3rd QB), WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, RB Justin Fargas, T Khalif Barnes, G Paul McQuistan, WR Chaz Schilens, TE Brandon Myers, WR Nick Miller (H/T Mothership)

Coverage of the game on SB Nation is here.


The homer opener is here Chiefs fans. And it's against the Oakland Raiders.

Before we get into the game, I wanted to say a couple of things.The game threads have gotten pretty rowdy here in the last weeks, which isn't a surprise considering we've had over 2,500 hundred comments each week just during game time.

I want to remind everyone of the rules that they agreed to when they signed up for AP:

Welcome to Arrowhead Pride! All opinions are welcome but insults are not tolerated, even in the slightest reference. If you use ad hominem attacks or insult another commenter, you will be called out not only by our editors but our community as well.

We avoid the "typical" internet banter so frequently cited by critics of blogs. Our community self-regulates itself and has become and will remain a place where anyone who wants to can discuss the Kansas City Chiefs, regardless of their views. We choose to ignore commenters and posts we do not enjoy. Not to insult them or feed their attention needs.

One sort of odd (not really though) caveat we have is that you must not, can not type your comments in all caps lock keys. We don't really like that around here.

Despite the rules above, this is really a place that has few set rules for interaction and it's been working beautifully for two and a half years.Our full rules are here, so make sure you read them before you start posting.

Come in. Pull up a seat. Grab a beer. Talk some Chiefs.

I also want to mention two great FanPosts from this past week specifically addressing these issues. First, is Lanier's Can we be proud of ourselves?

We have no idea how many younger people may be tuning in for these games and I think we owe it not only to the site itself but to all of the people who may one day imitate us, to calm down on the foul language we use during the open threads.  Although it is only a game and we all are passionate about "our" team, we can still have a good time and live to fight another day. So I ask this question, when all is said and done after an open game thread, Can we be proud of ourselves?

And if you want a real dose of perspective, check out SFCBurkhart's appropriately titled post, Perspective.

Its a game fellas, a game we all love, live and breathe but a game. Enjoy it, love it, hate it or breathe it. Just remember, it's a season that lasts, at best, six months. Life happens everyday..................................................... so sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

We send SFCBurkhart all the good luck in the world, as he keeps an eye out for IEDs in Afghanistan. Good luck to you sir and stay safe.

Remember: we're all Chiefs fans here and we all want to cheer on our favorite team. Keep our community rules and Lanier's and SFCBurkhart's advice in your head today.

Get your pre-game predictions in. I'm going 20 to 10 in favor of...the Chiefs of course!


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