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Questions Surround Chiefsmas Season Opener


Merry Chiefmas everyone!

I'm jazzed for the game today.  We're expecting a heavy dose of Larry Johnson and hoping for a Matt Cassel sighting.

Today, though, there are more questions than anything.

  • Will Matt Cassel play?
  • Will LJ put up another big game?
  • Will Jarrad Page come up big again?
  • Can the run defense stop the Raiders rushing attack?
  • Will Darren McFadden have another big game?

The answers?  About three hours away.

Chris is coming up in a little bit with five players to watch.  In the meantime, kcchiefsfan72 wrote a Chiefs version of Silent Night and I've copied it below.  It got kinda lost in the shuffle with the barrage of FanPosts last week and, since we're always promoting creativity around here (since I've got none), I wanted to make sure ya'll saw it.

Silent night, holy night

All is calm, ‘til daylight

Round up all Chiefs fans, don your gear

Kickoff will be here soon, it’s that time of year

Score with tremendous ease

Score with tremendous ease


Silent night, holy night!

Chiefs are hungry and lookin' for a fight

Opposing fans scream from heaven afar

Our boys show everyone just who we are

Haley, our savior is born

Haley, our savior is born


Silent night, holy night

Son-in-law of Parcells, Pioli is the light

Shocked looks beam from everyone’s face

Cassel proves he is Kansas City’s saving grace

Playoffs, year end thy berth

Playoffs, year end thy berth