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Will Shields on Todd Haley Assuming the Role of Offensive Coordinator

Is that a clean shaven Todd Haley? (<a href="">Source</a>)
Is that a clean shaven Todd Haley? (Source)

Good 'ole Will Shields. Always around to deliver an objective perspective on the happenings surrounding the Chiefs.

Will Shields was on 810 AM's Border Patrol radio show this morning and he started off talking about Todd Haley assuming the role of offensive coordinator. 

Here's what Will had to say:

Well, I was surprised. At the simple fact that it was done so quickly. They say if you're going to make the move, make the move right away. You know, instead of stringing a guy along. If you're second guessing what he's going to do, might as well as get rid of him and do it yourself. 

It's going to create a whole lot of new pressures on him [Todd Haley] because there are a lot of other things he needs to be focused on as the head coach. The ins-and-outs of the day to day stuff. He's got to realize he can't do it all. You know, get everybody prepared and then maybe on Sunday he can call the plays. Hopefully he's got a good solid staff around him to help him during the tough, dog days of running the offense and still doing your due diligence on the defense. 

I think it's interesting to be able to do it. If you've ever been around coordinators, they always want to have their hand into it, trying to dictate how everything is done. That's one thing he wants to be able to do is to say "Hey, I ran an offense last year that was pretty proficient. I want to get back in there and do it again."

But don't forget you're now the head coach too.

Ah, yes. The level headed, reasonable Will Shields we know. Will Shields stayed on the Border Patrol for about ten more minutes. I know that Will Shields podcast transcriptions aren't exactly the biggest hits on the verge of the regular season so here's the link to check out the full interview.

Do you think Todd Haley will be overwhelmed like Shields suggests?

H/T to ArrowSpread in the FanShots for the original link.

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