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Forbes: Chiefs the 14th Most Valuable NFL Franchise

1-Yr Value Chg. 1%
Ann. Value Chg. 24%
Debt/Value 13%
Revenue $228 mil
Operating Income $52.4 mil
Player Expenses $107 mil
Gate Receipts $53 mil

Forbes has released their latest round of estimations on the worth of each team in the NFL.  The Kansas City Chiefs came in at 14th worth $1.027 billion.

Topping the list are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and New England Patriots.  At the bottom is, you guessed it, Al Davis' Oakland Raiders.

The Chiefs did well considering the economic climate and grew their value by 1%.  Other successful teams, such as the Colts (-5%) and Dolphins (-3%) saw their value drop.  The Raiders value dropped 7%.  The Chiefs have been very successful in raising the value of their franchise year after year.  Check out this chart:


The Chiefs are one of 19 teams estimated to be worth over one billion dollars.  They have the fifth highest (as of '08) operating income.

Here is a link to the story on Forbes.