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Jamaal Charles Talks about the Chiefs Offensive Line, Improvement

One of the most impressive Kansas City Chiefs this preseason has been running back Jamaal Charles.  In the first two preseason games he was only given a combined six carries which didn't help him establish a rhythm in the offense.

The third game, however, he was given seven carries in the first half.  He did well with what he had to work with and put up 54 yards for 7+ yards per carry.

He's also added two receptions for 27 yards in the preseason.

After the Seahawks game, he complimented the offensive line but noted without victories, no one on the team can really claim to be making progress.

Is the running game making progress?

"The running game being there this whole preseason...the line did a good job blocking this whole preseason.  We can run the ball more and we have to run the ball because our quarterback went down and someone had to pick up the slack."

"That offensive line did a great job today."

Was this loss frustrating?

"It's not like we're playing the whole game with our starters.  When the young dudes come in they gotta pick up the slack.  It's hard for them because they didn't start the game off and didn't warm up.  

"But, the coaches are trying to give people chances and they want to see if people can go out there and fight and want to make the team."

Do you feel like you're making improvements?

"Not really.  We're losing so there's no improvement yet.  Once we win a game then I guess we'll improve."

How frustrating is it for the quarterback to go down?

"It's pretty frustrating when the quarterback goes down it's hard to find another quarterback to come in and pick up the slack and keep the rhythm going in the game.

"We had that whole situation last year with quarterbacks going down and that first play when Cassel went's just that Tyler had to come in and pick up but we didn't move the ball up the field so the whole offense didn't really do a good job."