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Chiefs Scouts in Lawrence for KU, Duke Game

Scouts for the Kansas City Chiefs are up in the press box in Lawrence, KS today according to beat writer Tully Corcoran of the Topeka-Capital Journal.  The Kansas Jayhawks are taking on the Duke Blue Devils.

I'll admit it...I'm a Missouri fan so scouting KU players isn't at the top of my list.  However, Arrowhead Pride member rockchalk is the resident KU expert and editor of Rock Chalk Talk.  So, I've perused the site (which you should all check out here since he's been such a loyal AP member for several years), and plucked a few names that be of interest to the Chiefs.

This certainly isn't a definitive list and contains no inside information on who the Chiefs are actually looking at.  But here are a few positions of need for the Chiefs in which KU has some prospects.

S Darrell Stuckey - 5'11", 205 pounds

Stuckey could go in the fourth to sixth round.

Described as intuitive and versatile, he started all 13 games last year in the secondary while the other three spots were manned by seven other players.

WR Dezmon Briscoe - 6'3", 200 pounds

Dezmon Briscoe could go in the second to third round.

He was suspended for KU's opener for missing a spring practice but showed up against UTEP with eight receptions for 154 yards.  Apparently, that wasn't good enough for him as he later said, ""We left a lot of points on the field, but for us to have a bad day on offense and still score 34 points, I feel like we did all right."

WR Kerry Meier - 6'3", 220 pounds

A lot of you know the story on Meier.  He's a converted quarterback, because of some guy named Todd Reesing (I kid, KU fans), who has really taken the transition to receiver well.

NFL Draft Scout lists him as the No. 30 receiver this year but he could go anywhere from the fourth round to undrafted.

He presents a lot of problems for defenses especially with the rise of the wildcat.  For example, last week he took an end around and threw a 56 yarder to Briscoe.


The KU game has already started so, if you're a KU fan, there's no better spot to be than Rock Chalk Talk.