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Once Again, Chiefs QB Cassel a Game Time Decision

The Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff will not make a final decision on the status of quarterback Matt Cassel until Sunday morning Todd Haley told reporters this afternoon.

At least they won't publicly make an announcement until then.

It's becoming more and more accepted that Cassel will indeed start the game.  Of course, that's what we said last week.  But this time around we've got more and more folks saying he's moving with very few limitations.

The Chiefs are presumably delaying the situation as long as possible to make life harder on the Raiders.  Problem is, as we explained earlier, Raiders head coach Tom Cable is already expecting Cassel.  There wasn't much of a flinch when he was asked who they thought would take the first snap for the Chiefs.

So, about another 44 hours until we know what the status of the starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'll post a link to the video and Q&A when it becomes available.