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Measuring the Chiefs Offensive Line Improvement

It is my opinion that the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is the still the scariest, most unstable position group on this team.  And with the Raider's addition of defensive lineman Richard Seymour, I'm not exactly confident this weekend in this unit's ability to not only stop the Raiders pass rush but push our offense down the field.

Since I am so unsure about this unit, I want to track their improvement or (lack thereof) from week to week so I know I'm not just running my mouth off about them.

What o-line stats should we track?

Here are my suggestions, after the jump. Let me know what you think about them and what you think about the Chiefs' offensive line performance last week. Also give us your o-line stat predictions for this weekend.


This is an easy one. Although sacks are only one piece of the puzzle, they can be a good indicator of o-line protection when coupled with some other info.

Rushing yards, TDs and first downs

If there is a hole created by the offensive line, Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles have the talent to hit those holes and gain yards. Out of those three, I'm going to be looking most closely at rushing first downs. If you get a lot of rushing first downs, the yards and TDs will follow.

Penalties by the offensive linemen

While this stat may not be directly tied to talent, I'd still like to know from week to week how disciplined our guys are playing. Judging by the first game which had only one o-line penalty, I don't think penalties are going to be a big factor this season.

Tackles for a loss

The way I see it, if a running back gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage, that one is one the offensive line. Yes, there are exceptions this but I think tackles for a loss is another good stat to keep tracking.

Quarterback hurries

Another obvious one. I know Matt Cassel himself has said last season he hung on to the ball too long too often but we'll still use this stat as a o-line gauge.

I know that Football Outsiders goes into much more depth and complexity with their offensive line statistics but honestly, nobody really gets their stats. I've studied them but they're not exactly accessible to the casual football fan.

So I've put together this table that we'll update each week. I think it will provide an excellent snapshot of how our o-line is improving. Or not.

Stats +/- Change Week 1 Week 2
Sacks   3  
Rush yds   29  
Rush TDs   0  
Rush 1st downs   1  
Penalties   1  
Tackles for loss   8  
QB Hurry   2  

Are there any other stats we should track? I want to get this right before we get too far into the season.