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Thigpen on Chiefs Four QBs: 'We understand how the business works'

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen talked with Nick Wright of 610 Sports after practice yesterday. 

Wright asked him about the Chiefs decision to keep four quarterbacks when most teams usually keep only three.  The thinking is that the Chiefs will, at some point, trim down to three quarterbacks.  The odd man out will be between Thigpen, Matt Gutierrez and Brodie Croyle.

I talked about that this morning and pointed out that head coach Todd Haley seemed content with Croyle's performance last Sunday so he's probably staying put.  Probably.

You gotta hand it to Thigpen.  He doesn't really back away from many questions.  When talking about the Chiefs quarterback situation, he said, "We understand the way the business works."  While he does give the backup quarterback cliches of always being ready, he understands the situation.

Whether he's done enough to merit consideration for the 53 man roster once/if the Chiefs go to three quarterbacks is debatable.

Thigpen touched on that topic as well as a few others.  Check out the What's Wright website for the audio.  Below are some notes I took.

How does being a backup when the starter is injured affect your preparation throughout the week?

"It really doesn't affect it at all.  You just gotta be, as a backup quarterback, be ready at any time no matter what the situation is.  I think that goes for any backup quarterback.  You've always gotta be prepared."

What's it like working with the other three quarterbacks when you know teams usually don't keep quarterbacks?

"I think the biggest thing is that we understand the way the business works.  Right now, we're all good friends, but we understand, at the end of the day, not normally do they keep quarterbacks but right now we're keeping four quarterbacks. 

"That's the decision that's not up to us.  Right now we're just we're just competing for a job and going out there and trying to make our team better."

Why is there a belief that you can't be a traditional drop-back passer?

"That's those people jobs.  To be out there and be critics and judge.  I feel like I've come a long way from where I've been at.  I feel like I've developed and settled down into being an under center quarterback."

Is the traditional drop-back passer something you can do or do you just prefer a different offense?

"I think any quarterback wants an offense that fits their physical abilities but, as a quarterback, you have to be able to play in every style of offense.

"Not every team is going to ble able to perform to a quarterback and their abilities so you gotta be ready to play in any sort of offense."

Do you feel you've already proven your critics wrong or is this just a new round of criticism?

"There's always going to be criticism.  Like I said, that's their job and that's what'll keep them writing the papers and internet blogs or whatever, but my job is to go out there and make this team better and not worry about the other stuff."