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Tom Brady Vouches for Matt Cassel's Leadership

Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star was in on a conference call with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this week.  When asked about Matt Cassel, Brady used the words "a great leader" in his description.

Covitz responded wondering if Cassel could be "a great leader" with no starting experience at USC or the NFL leading up to last season.

"I disagree," Brady said.

"He's had four seasons with the Patriots to be a leader. He has shown that leadership when he was in a backup role here. That’s why when he took over last year in a starting role he was able to really excel because the guys believed in him. They had seen the work that he had done and the commitment he made."

Brady said Cassel showed a commitment to the Patriots when he arrived over four years ago.  He said Cassel's work ethic and leadership in his backup years in New England led to his ability to command the Patriots to 10 more wins after the Brady's injury.

Brady and Cassel stay in touch, as we've noted several times over the offseason, and said the Chiefs quarterback was "very disappointed" when he couldn't play last week.

Cassel had been reportedly telling friends he had "every intention" of playing leading up to last week's 38-24 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

"He’s a very competitive guy," Brady said. "Kansas City has a great quarterback. I expect him to go out there and do a great job."

Doesn't it make you feel better that our guy has one of the greatest quarterbacks ever in his corner?