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Six of Eight ESPN Experts Pick Raiders Over Chiefs

A panel of ESPN experts have submitted their picks for week two including the Kansas City Chiefs matchup with the Oakland Raiders.

The result?  Not good for the Chiefs.

Allen Golic Hoge Jaworski Mortensen Schefter Schlereth Wickersham AccuScore Pick 'em (Fans)

Before we immediately point to Eric Allen, Mike Golic and the rest of those that favor Oakland, let's think about this:

  • The Chiefs have won six games in the last two years.  The Raiders have won nine.
  • The Chiefs are three point favorites.  Three points are generally given for home field advantage so Vegas is saying it's pretty even.
  • Oakland appears to have improved their weakest area (run defense)

Is it really that surprising that a majority of ESPN's panel of experts are picking against the Chiefs? 

Now, for the homer side of my thinking:

  • Are you really going to put your faith in a guy (JaMarcus Russell) that completed 40% of his passes last week?
  • The Chiefs have won 10/12 against the Raiders
  • Tom Cable is 0-1 against the Chiefs (and the Chiefs set a record of six consecutive road victories against in Oakland)

Whether we like it or not, this game is, by most accounts, pretty even.  If you watched last week's Monday Night game against San Diego, then you know Oakland is improved.  Then again, this is Oakland we're talking about so nothing ever appears like it is.

Update: A few more for the Chiefs from NFL Network:

Joe Theismann: Chiefs

Sterling Sharpe: Chiefs

Brian Baldinger: Raiders

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