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Kansas City Chiefs Still Carrying Four Quarterbacks

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to carry four quarterbacks on the active roster heading into this weekend's game against the Oakland Raiders.  

My thinking on this, along with quite a few others, is that the Chiefs will go down to three quarterbacks once they're assured that Matt Cassel is fully healed from his MCL sprain.  Most of us expect him to play this weekend but we also expected that last weekend and he was listed as inactive about 90 minutes before the game.

Brodie Croyle started in Cassel's absence last week so I would imagine if/when the Chiefs chop the depth chart, it will be Tyler Thigpen or Matt Gutierrez getting the boot.

Haley seemed content with Croyle's performance last week.

"I thought that Brodie Croyle gave us a chance to win today and that’s all I ever ask of my quarterback to do," Haley told reporters following the game.  "I don’t know what his numbers were and I know that at some point there it was not pretty. But he was completing the ball where he had to and most importantly he was not turning it over.

In last week's game against the Baltimore Ravens, Thigpen saw one series that included two handoffs and a quarterback draw.  

"I told him to be ready – there were situations where I had a play for him," Haley said.  "But I only got to put him in there once but it’s just the way the game went. There were a lot of different variables in the plan for him that I don’t necessarily want to get into. The game really dictated it."

That leaves Matt Gutierrez who was the emergency third quarterback.  He only saw mop-up duty in the preseason games.

It sounds to me as if Haley might have specific plans for putting Thigpen onto the field.  I'm not sure if that means he doesn't intend to keep him as a true backup quarterback or not.

It appears they'll keep four quarterbacks for the time being.  If the Chiefs are intent on signing another player, we'll continue to monitor the quarterback status.