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VIDEO: Chiefs Coach on Cassel, Flowers and the Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spoke with the media this afternoon following practice.  He talked about the injured players, Matt Cassel and Brandon Flowers, as well as the upcoming opponent, the Oakland Raiders.

Noteworthy items coming out of the Q&A session:

  • The players were pumped up for Raider week
  • Matt Cassel will be questionable
  • Brandon Flowers will be questionable
  • Haley still does not like the Raiders (and didn't like the Cowboys growing up)
  • Bobby Wade could see time as a punt returner as soon as this weekend

A few quotes after the jump or check out the whole thing here.

Q: How did the QB look?

HALEY: "Which one, we’ve got four?"

Q: The guy you gave all the money to.

HALEY: "Number 7. Number 7, as I felt that he would, moved around a little better than he did at the end of (last) week. Again, this is going to be an evaluation deal with him. He’ll go on the injury report. He did not participate in the entire practice, so he’ll go on as questionable today."

Q: What about Brandon Flowers?

HALEY: "Brandon, again, has done everything over the weekend and yesterday and Monday to get himself back on the field. He’ll be listed as questionable. He’s made progress from last week. Again, it’ll be an evaluation process with him also."

Q: You said you’re in the Raider mode. Coaches here in the past have made this is a big deal. Is this going to be more of a rivalry thing with you guys? Is that an important thing to establish?

HALEY: "It’s a tough thing as a coach because every game is just as important as the next. You don’t know what game is going to make the difference at the end of the year and games that you think do might not, others vice versa. Every game needs to be of equal importance and if it’s not there is something wrong.

"That being said, division games, and I don’t care if it’s Oakland, San Diego or Denver, those games obviously weigh in the playoffs different than the other games. They’re division games, this is a home game, all those things factored in…the fact that this is the Oakland Raiders. I think it’s a big game. Now, is it bigger than the rest? I don’t know that."

Q: Is sounds like you’ve got a little bit of hatred for the Raiders coming in.

HALEY: "I said that. I don’t think it goes away, but I wouldn’t want anyone to take it personal over there. That’s what is great about the NFL and the teams get kind of a mystique about them and there’s no team with more mystique than the Raiders over time. It’s generally been kind of like their logo, the skull and crossbones, Pirate kind of deal. Growing up the way I did (in Pittsburgh) it was one of the teams.

"Now, there were others. I hated the Cowboys but I went and worked for them for three years, so I think it’s part of the NFL and that’s a part I love."