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Former Chiefs DE McBride to Detroit; WR Bobby Wade Update

Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end (or outside linebacker) Turk McBride has been claimed by the Detroit Lions off the waiver wire.

As we know, McBride was released yesterday.  

This is, in my opinion, a good move for McBride.  The Lions defense is coached by Gunther Cunningham, who was on staff when the Chiefs selected McBride in the second round of the 2007 draft.

While I was tweeting the news that McBride had been released, more than a few folks were chalking him up to another Herm Edwards draft pick failed.  Well, McBride just didn't fit the scheme.  He did everything the "Todd Haley Way" as Nick Wright of 610 Sports said this morning.

So, I think in a 4-3 defense, McBride's still got a chance.  Just because he was cut from the Chiefs doesn't mean he's a bad player.  He's just not a fit for what they do.

In other news, the player the Chiefs signed which necessitated the release of McBride might be returning punts as soon as this weekend.

Bobby Wade doesn't have a ton of experience returning punts.  He saw extended action in 2005 and 2007 but other than that, the cupboard's pretty bare.  Here are his punt returns in his career:

  • 2003: 2
  • 2005: 33
  • 2006: 3
  • 2007: 16
  • 2008: 3

He did return 50 kickoffs in 2006 though.