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Youth Movement Cont'd: Chiefs Second Youngest Roster in the NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs have the second youngest roster in the NFL (via Adam Schefter of ESPN).  Last year the Chiefs were in the same boat after Herm Edwards influx of youth.

Here's how the youngest teams shake out:

1. Green Bay: 25.7 years old

2 (t). Kansas City: 25.89 years old

2 (t). Indianapolis Colts: 25.89 years old

Here's how the oldest teams shake out:

1. New Orleans Saints: 27.55 years old

2. Arizona Cardinals: 27.25 years old

3. New England: 27.19 years old

So, you can see where Todd Haley (AZ) and Scott Pioli (NE) get their preference for veteran players from.

The Chiefs have 13 players from the last two drafts on the active roster.  25 of the Chiefs 53 man roster is made up of players born in 1984 or after.

A common misconception is that youth means you can't or don't have to have a good record.  The 2007 Green Bay Packers disproved that as they were the youngest team and won 13 games.  So, youth isn't an excuse to play poorly.