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Chiefs Update: Wednesday Practice, Matt Cassel Injury

The Kansas City Chiefs continued practice today as they prepare for the home opener against the Oakland Raiders in Arrowhead Stadium.  Josh Looney is bringing us some updates on practice as well as Bob Gretz.

Nothing particularly noteworth as it relates to Sunday but here are a few tidbits:

  • New WR Bobby Wade is wearing jersey #80 (which means Dwayne Bowe won't get his college number back)
  • Wade was on the field and looked ready to play on Sunday
  • New WR Lance Long is wearing jersey #17
  • Brandon Flowers practiced
  • All players on the active roster practiced
  • RB Kolby Smith (PUP) was in the rehab area
  • For the first time, the defense wore white jerseys while the offense wore red

Matt Cassel Injury Update

Neal Jones of KCTV5 attended practice and said Matt Cassel did not look close to 100%.  We're not as concerned with being 100% as we are with him being available to play on Sunday.  I think he's got a little ways before he'll be 100% but my prediction is that he's on the field this weekend.

The Associated Press, however, reports (Thanks to Patrick Allen for the link) that Cassel was "running more briskly" in Wednesday's practice.

Bob Gretz's outlook is much more positive than that of KCTV5's Jones.

"But on Wednesday, Cassel did everything the other three  quarterbacks did. There was noticeable improvement on his pass drops; they were quicker and more pronounced. His follow through on that left knee also looked stronger.

"Overall, he looked far better than he did at any time last week."