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VIDEO: Newest Kansas City Chiefs WR Lance Long

Via's On the Fringe series: "This month, is following five such players "On The Fringe" of the NFL, sharing their stories, their progress and their setbacks. All have until Sept. 1 -- or Sept. 5, if they're lucky -- to make their case. "

Basics: 24 years old from Detroit, Michigan

College: Toledo for one season then Mississippi State

College stats (via

  • 2005: 7 catches, 41 yards
  • 2006: 25 catches, 177 yards
  • 2007: 14 catches, 103 yards

Career stats from (Hint: No career stats!) player page 

Revenge of the Birds on Long in June 2008:

Long never stared at Mississippi State and never started more than 3 games in any single season but he did a little bit of everything including punt and kicks returns as well as playing on both coverage units.

Long did turn some heads at Mississippi State's pro day though when he reeled off a 4.38 forty and had the fastest shuttle time of anyone in the country. That performance combined with some in-house familiarity (Arizona tight end coach was a coach of Long's in 2005) was enough for the Cardinals to take a look at the 5'11 186 pound receiver.