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Chiefs Sitting in the Basement of the NFL After Week 1

Yes, I know it's early to be talking about where the Kansas City Chiefs rank relative to the rest of the NFL. But, I'm going to track these stats and we'll have some nice line graphs later in the season, sort of like what Joel did this morning.

The results are in and they are not good. As I'm sure you can imagine, the Chiefs rank at the bottom or near the bottom of many offensive and defensive categories.

Our lone bright spot? Tied for first in Red Zone conversion percentage! Yes!

After the jump, I put down some various stats and where the Chiefs rank, plus a little blurb from me on that stat.


Yards/Game (30th)

The Chiefs' 188 yards of offense against the Ravens only beat out the Texans (183 yards) and the Panthers (169).

Yards per play (26th)

Some good teams are behind the Chiefs in this category, which makes me discount it's importance. Philly, Green Bay for example rank below the Chiefs and we know they're better than we are. The Chiefs' 4.27 yards per play is less than half of the #1 ranking Dallas' 8.88 yard per play average.

Rushing yards (31st)

Yep, no hiding this one. Somehow, the 49ers only rushed for 21 yards, sparing the Chiefs the embarrassment of yet again sitting in the basement for rushing yards.

Passing yards (26th)

Despite a 116 QB rating, Brodie Croyle wasn't able to produce a relatively high amount of passing yards. And you're never going to get a lot of yards from Croyle. His career high in passing yards is 217.


First Downs/Game (30th)

Yeah, keep an eye on this one. The Chiefs had trouble making first downs last year, along with converting third downs. Those are definitely two stats that go hand in hand. Only the Broncos have fewer first downs than the Chiefs' 11. The first down leader? Baltimore of course with 32!

3rd Down % (30th)

The Chiefs converted 2/10 3rd downs last week. That's good enough to put you in company with the Lions, Panthers and Rams.

Red Zone % (T-1st)

Six teams including the Chiefs have scored on all of their trips to the Red Zone. To show you how wacky this stat can be, the Chiefs and Ravens have both scored on 100% of their Red Zone trips on Sunday.

Points/Game (T-10th)

Despite these crappy offensive numbers, we really should be rejoicing that the Chiefs were able to score 24 points on Sunday.


Yards allowed (31st)

How do you give up 501 yards on defense and not be ranked last in the league? The Lions. The Detroit Lions. As a Chiefs fan, I definitely want to thank the Lions for being so terrible right when we are.

Rushing yards allowed (31st)

The Chiefs gave up 198 yards on the ground last week. Cleveland gave up 225 rushing yards to Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings' opponent each week may end up being the worst run defense of the league that week.

Passing yards allowed (28th)

Giving up 303 passing yards isn't terrible - when you don't give up nearly 200 yards on the ground.

Sacks per pass attempt (27th)

We're definitely watching sacks closely this year. 2.33% of the time the Chiefs sacked Joe Flacco, which I know sound weird after only one game.

First downs/game (32nd)

32 first downs allowed on Sunday. 32nd in the rankings. Man, the more I look back at the Raven game the worse I think it was for the Chiefs.

3rd down % allowed (30th)

You see that stat above with 32 first downs? That's because the Ravens converted nearly 60% of their third downs. Convert third downs, move the ball down the field, score points....You gotta be good at 3rd down conversion.

Points allowed (T-30th)

I know we've beaten this to death over the weekend and this week but one more time: As much as you want to think the Chiefs have improved on defense, they still gave up 38 points and 501 yards to the Ravens. I know stats don't tell the entire story but spin those numbers for me please.