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14 of Herm Edwards 26 Draft Picks Remain

The release of Turk McBride from the Kansas City Chiefs marks the 12th Herm Edwards draft choice that has been released.

They're not all bad, however, or an indictment on Edwards.

Some were scheme related (McBride, Pollard) while some appear to be talent related (Maxey, Stallings, etc).

There are definitely some mistakes in the last three years but there also some important building blocks, particularly from the '08 draft.

A few notes on Edwards 26 draft picks:

  • Eight are starters
  • 14 total remain
  • All three first round picks remain

After the jump, is a break down of the three drafts by starters, reserves and those released.

2008: 8/12

  • Starters: Glenn Dorsey, Brandon Albert, Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr
  • Reserve: Jamaal Charles, Brad Cottam, DaJuan Morgan and Barry Richardson (PS)
  • Released: Will Franklin, Kevin Robinson, Brian Johnston and Mike Merritt

2007: 3/7

  • Starters: Dwayne Bowe, Tank Tyler
  • Reserve: Kolby Smith (IR)
  • Released: Turk McBride, Justin Medlock, Herb Taylor and Michael Allan.


  • Starters: Tamba Hali and Jarrad Page
  • Reserve: Brodie Croyle
  • Released: Bernard Pollard, Marcus Maxey, Tre Stallings and Jeff Webb