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Good Start: Chiefs Coach Haley 'Hates' the Raiders

I just had a reminder pop up on the screen of my computer from April 16th of this year with a quote from Todd Haley.  I wanted to talk about his feelings about the Oakland Raiders as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to face them in week two. 

If you weren't feeling like Haley is your cup of tea then this might make you feel at least a little better.

"I hated the Raiders," Haley began to say when asked about John Madden, former Oakland coach.

"When he went through his stuff on the sidelines ... I told him that at the owners meetings when I just saw him, I said, 'Growing up a Steelers fan, I hated the Raiders' and couldn't stand anybody with the Raiders...'''

Ah, yes, probably the two best teams in the 70s, Steelers and Raiders, had a nice rivalry.  With Haley's dad, Dick, working for the Steelers at the time, it became personal. 

Haley wrapped up his weekly press conference about a week ago.  Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star was there and captured thiss (which will of course be available on soon):

"Todd Haley says he grew up hating the Raiders and that "that's something, once you have it, I don't think you ever lose it."

Folks, it's Raider week and Todd Haley is ready.

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