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Chiefs Give Bobby Wade One Year Contract

Avatar30_mediumKansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli continued his trend of giving out shorter contracts to veteran free agent acquisitions.  The newest arrival is wide receiver Bobby Wade, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings.

Per Wade's agent, Jerome Stanley, Wade's contract is for one year and worth more than the $755,000 veteran minimum.

As a late addition to the team, what can we expect from Wade with the Chiefs?  According to his agent, a "significant contribution" to the offense.

"He expects to play a significant role with the Chiefs," Stanley told Judd Zulgad of the Star-Tribune in an e-mail (via NJ Chiefs Fan in the FanShots).

"He and the head coach [Todd Haley] are on the same page as to his ability and expected contributions. He looks forward to being a part of the process of building a winning, Super Bowl level team, like he was in Minnesota where he made significant contributions. He wishes his friends and all former teammates well."

Here are a few of the other contracts Pioli has doled out to veteran acquisitions:

  • Zach Thomas - One year, $1 million (Has since been released)
  • Mike Vrabel - One year, $2.2 million (Chiefs inherited contract)
  • Mike Goff - Two years at $1 million and $1.1 million
  • Bobby Engram - One year, $875,000
  • Mike Brown - One year, $900,000
All are short and at or near the veteran minimum.