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Chiefs S Jarrad Page Back on the First Team in Latest Depth Chart

The Kansas City Chiefs have released this week's depth chart for the home opener against the Oakland Raiders.  There were only a few changes with the only real notable coming at free safety.

Jarrad Page back on the first team

Page returns to the first team after a two week hiatus.  He replaced Jon McGraw.

This is encouraging to hear, particularly before the Raiders game.  Page should just be known as the Raider killer.

He's had a few endzone interceptions against the Raiders in his two year career.  This is good news.

Jamaal Charles to the second team

Charles saw plenty of action on Sunday so this is more of a formality than anything.  Previously, Jackie Battle was listed as the No. 2 back behind Larry Johnson.

Now, the rotation goes LJ, Charles, Battle and Dantrell Savage.

Make the jump for changes to the return men, defensive backs and other notables.

Returners are shuffled

Here's how the depth chart of punt returners shook out last week: Savage, Lawrence, Leggett

And this week: Leggett, Engram, Lawrence, Savage

Kick returners didn't see a significant change - Charles is still the No. 1 while Lawrence jumped ahead of Savage.

Leggett to second team cornerback

Another example of why this depth chart doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot.  Donald Washington was listed as the No. 2 corner behind starter Brandon Flowers last week.  But, with Flowers inactive, Leggett saw most of the action.

Now, Leggett is listed as the No. 2 corner.  We're expecting Flowers to be ready.

Other notables

  • WR Bobby Wade isn't listed since the move wasn't official with the league at the time
  • LB Derrick Johnson is still on the third team
  • No change at right tackle (Ndukwe, O'Callaghan)