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Who Wants to be a Chiefs WR? Anyone? Anyone?

With the addition of Bobby Wade reportedly happening today, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick review of how we ended up with the receivers that we did.  Obviously, this position has been a revolving door the last nine months with the exception of Dwayne Bowe and Mark Bradley, the only two leftovers from the '08 squad.

There have been players entering their second season that were released (Franklin), veterans that were signed (Toomer) and released and even a few veterans that made it on the 53 man roster (Engram).

All in all, there have been 14 players that have been seen on the Chiefs roster at one point since Scott Pioli's January hiring.  

Four were cut from last year, a few more came off the street and a bunch in between.

Still on the Roster from Last Year
Dwayne Bowe
Mark Bradley
On the Final Roster Last Year But Not Now
Will Franklin
Jeff Webb
Devard Darling (IR)
Kevin Robinson
Signed and Released Between January and Today
C.J. Jones
Rodney Wright (PS)
Amani Toomer
Ashley Lelie
Taurus Johnson
Jeff Webb (Re-signed)
Signed Over the Offseason, Still on the Team
Bobby Engram
Terrance Copper
Quinten Lawrence (Draft)