As I sit here in my home, comfortable and with all the amenities that I need to survive as a human being, I am submerged in perspective. I am as big a Chiefs fan as any of you all, and this is the first and last site I visited daily. Yes, I said visited in past tense. I have been in training for a deployment to Afghanistan on a route clearing mission looking for IED's for the last month. Today is the first day I have had a chance to even look at the site, much less any other site. I leave for good on Friday and as I look around I have gained perspective on many things, football simply being the one I chose to write about here.

I can easily get wrapped around the axle about any and everything Chiefs, from signings to play calling all the way to griping about construction and parking. I have made such big deals about the absolute smallest issues. Issues that once seemed to be a priority. So I get home today for a four day pass before we roll out and I obviously want to check AP and all it's archives to catch up on the last month of Chiefs football. As always good stuff. The post that stuck out to me was Laniers post about cleaning up the threads and some other commentors that agreed. My point is the end of the day, it's football, a game, a pastime, a hobby and a lifestyle for some, but a game nonetheless. Am I pissed about the loss? Hell yes. Do I expect more? Hell yes. Am I pissed about missing the whole season, ( especially since I bought season tix )? Absolutely yes. Am I worried about it? No. All I am worried about is making it back home safely along with all 30 of my men. I never realized how big of a deal I made about a sport for Gods sake. I will always be a Chiefs fanatic. I will always come here to AP and comment and read posts. I will continue to buy jerseys and beer and brats and scream and yell. However, from this point forward I will do all of those things with a bit less emotional intensity. Its a game fellas, a game we all love, live and breathe but a game. Enjoy it, love it, hate it or breathe it. Just remember, it's a season that lasts, at best, six months. Life happens every sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

So long for now AP. Next time I post it will be from the beatiful mountains of Afghanistan, just coming in from looking for IEDs all perspective


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