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Former Chief, Future HOFer Weighs in on Loss to the Ravens

Which former Kansas City Chief and future Hall of Famer am I talking about?

None other than Will Shields, who joined 810 WHB today.

You can always count on Mr. Shields to bring a positive outlook to the Chiefs.  He did just that today citing the Chiefs intangibles as reasons for hope.

"I was impressed," Shields said.  "Think about where they started, at 10-0, in a hostile environment with a defense basically saying nobody can score on them and nobody can make things happen.

"They showed tremendous strides and showed the Chiefs defense is for real.  That's what I really like about it."

Surprisingly, he wasn't too upset with the Chiefs defensive performance considering the Ravens put up more yards on this defense than anyone since 2004.

"The defense set the tone for the whole game even when your offense isn't getting it done your defense has to.  Then you have some shining spots on the offensive side.

"It's an overall positive feel especially because they kept the quarterback standing upright most of the game.  Not a lot of passing which was smart but kept enough balance to be in the game at the end of the game.

"And that's what you want...for your team to be able to pull it out."

That's true. The Chiefs had a chance to win.  But a chance didn't help them last year with the Jets, Saints or twice against the Chargers.

Will Shields talks about the lack of a running game and more after the jump.  You can listen to the whole interview here.

On the running game:

"You knew going into the game it would be an uphill battle and you were going to force yourslef to run the ball to keep yourself out of that game third and long situation and try to keep it third and short so they don't go to that unbelievable spinner package where you're trying to figure out who's coming from here.

"The running game has to pick up the pace.  The running game basically becomes the atittude.  It becomes 'We're going to impose our will on someone else and we're going to run the ball no matter how many guys you put in the box and no matter what you do'.

On the Chiefs staying in the game despite the stats:

"There's a lot of things fact is figure and figure is fact.  You can switch the figures around to make it look good or look bad.  It just depends on what side of the coin you want to be on. 

"If I'm in the locker room after the game I could be thinking, 'Man that game could have been really ugly by the statistical point.  We should have been blown out today but we had enough fight and swagger to stay in the game which is a good thing.'

"One worry you have if every team you go to face can put up those kind of yards and actually get the ball into the end zone then that will end up being a very, very long season."