Can we be proud of ourselves?

I thought long and hard about this subject most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and even woke up trying to decide if I should say anything at all. I want to start this post with something I don't think we can emphasize enough and that is how proud I am of the job the Thorman boys (they know I kid them about that) do with this site and the other men who contribute major content and oversee discussions on a daily basis. I also am not trying to take advantage of being one of the more senior members of the site or longtime commentors. What a joy it is to be able to get on this site day in and day out to see news on "my" Chiefs team. "My" the same way we all think of our team.

But something happened yesterday that really had me wondering what is happening to our community. During the open threads as the game went on, I began to notice a disdain for the team like I have not seen in awhile. I thought when Herm and Carl left that things would get better on the site during open threads, but much to my surprise it seemed possibly to get worse. If you haven't figured out where I am going yet its exactly what you may be thinking now and that is I personally believe we should clean up our language.

Yes I am talking about watching what we say on here and I probably don't have any right to call us all out on this but I will try to explain why I think I should. I am not going to get "religious" on anyone or self righteous by any means. Your destiny is your business. But something happened when I was a teenager that has always followed me. When I began to play football in Jr High School a coach once told me, "Always watch what you say and do in front of youngsters." As I was thinking about why he would tell me that, he pointed out that several smaller boys were watching us practice. He then said, "Those kids are going to stay here and watch everything you guys do today and then they are going to go home and imitate everything they saw, so make sure what you do in life is something you wouldn't mind having imitated by a smaller child or younger person."

We have no idea how many younger people may be tuning in for these games and I think we owe it not only to the site itself but to all of the people who may one day imitate us, to calm down on the foul language we use during the open threads. Although it is only a game and we all are passionate about "our" team, we can still have a good time and live to fight another day. So I ask this question, when all is said and done after an open game thread, Can we be proud of ourselves?


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