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Ravens Defensive Stars Impressed with the Chiefs

Arguably the Baltimore Ravens two best defensive players, Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis (with a nod to Ed Reed), came away impressed with the effort and performance of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sounds like last year, right?

Suggs said the Chiefs took advantage of all opportunities, LB Jarrett Johnson was down on the defense for giving up 24 points (even though it was really 17) and Lewis said he knew it would be a tough battle.

Here are a few quotes:

Terrell Suggs

"Hats off to the Kansas City Chiefs.  They showed up to play and they competed and took advantage of every play that they made.  They blocked a punt for a touchdown and took an interception down to the six or the five. 

"And they really competed.  You gotta take your hat off to them."

Jarrett Johnson

"We won a ball game.  You always gotta be happy with that but we got a lot we have to work on.  We gave up, what, 24 points?  We always strive for perfection and we want to dominate them."

Ray Lewis

"We knew Kansas City wasn't going to lay down.  We gave them some early turnovers and things to keep them in the game.  Bottom line is, the way we came out and responded offensively and defensively, I thought we did a heck of a job coming back."