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Chiefs Defense Still Helping Opponents Set Franchise Records

Joe Flacco had a career day against the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon.  He surpassed previous highs in:

  • Attempts (43)
  • Yards (307)
  • Touchdown passes (3)

The Ravens also had 501 yards of total offense, which is a franchise record.

Frankly, it could have been a lot worse for the Chiefs defense.  The Ravens drove into Chiefs territory on eight of their first ten drives.  The final drive, which resulted in a touchdown, started inside the Chiefs own ten.

For some reason, the Ravens didn't stick to the run in the first half.  Flacco was given opportunity after opportunity to throw the ball and time after time he had plenty of time so it's no wonder they decided to roll out the shotgun and the no huddle so often.  In the second half, the running game was featured more often and it had success as evidenced by Ray Rice's 108 yards on 19 carries.

“We wanted to put the ball in the air, at least early on in the game and see what we could do from there,” said Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. “That was pretty much the game plan.”

The Ravens had five players with over 30 receiving yards and three of them caught touchdown passes.  The Chiefs defense only tackled one player behind the line of scrimmage for a loss.  There was one sack, as well, so the defense is on pace to beat out their 10-sack 2008 season.

The Ravens were balanced (41 rushing players, 44 passing plays) and put up 32 first downs against the Chiefs defense.  That's probably why the Ravens had a nearly 2:1 advantage in time of possession.

For a team to put up 38 points, and your offense commit no turnovers, you know the defense had it's troubles.

Somehow, someway the Chiefs were still in the game with a chance to tie with just a few minutes remaining.  To me, this is a sign of trouble.  When a team is driving into your territory on eight of ten possessions, it's hard to count on there being a 70 yard interception return or a missed field goal to bail you out.

If the defense continues to give up gobs of yardage, it's unlikely the Chiefs will have the ball in the fourth quarter with a chance to tie or win.