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Photos, Stats and Quotes from Chiefs 38-24 Loss to the Baltimore Ravens

We're still waiting on post-game quotes from the players and head coach Todd Haley but they'll be posted shortly.

The most surprising stat from this afternoon 38-24 Baltimore Ravens victory over the Kansas City Chiefs was Brodie Croyle's completion percentage.  A career 57% passer, Croyle completed 16/24 passes.  The yards came slowly as Croyle averaged about 11 yards per completion including a 53 yard completion to Mark Bradley

Still, though, he put up two touchdowns (one of them aided by a 70 yard interception return inside the ten yard line) and no interceptions.  Can we ask for a whole lot more than that from a back up?

Other good stats include Mark Bradley's 73 yard day and Dwayne Bowe's touchdown reception.

The defense wasn't consistent and the running game was non-existent.  Joe Flacco had a career day that included 307 yards and three touchdowns.  He had time all day long.

Complete stats can be seen here.

On several occasions, the announcing crew of Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon talked about the Chiefs fight.  Of course, having fight is nice but victories are still expected.  The Chiefs have been down this 'we kept it close in the fourth' road too many times over the last 33 games.

They also talked about Todd Heap continually being open (at the expense of Corey Mays) and the Ravens rushing attack in the second half.

After the jump are various quotes from Eagle and Gannon as the game progressed today. has a photo gallery here.  Also, make sure you click the photo above for a gallery of other Associated Press photos.

"And the Chiefs can not do anything on offense."   -Ian Eagle

"Joe Flacco really looks sharp.  You give him that much time and he's going to hurt you."  -Rich Gannon

"Maurice Leggett waiting.  Stan Cook hit a boomer last kick, the fourth year kicker out of Nebraska.  Oh and blocked!  Kansas City...Jon McGraw over there!  Do the Chiefs have it?  That's the question.  They do!"  -Ian Eagle

"What did I say?  They have to score in the kicking game.  That's huge!"  -Rich Gannon

"That's the key to this - run the ball in the second half." -Rich Gannon on the Ravens

"[With the running back by committee by the Ravens] you always have fresh legs on the field.  It's really wearing out the Chiefs defense."  -Rich Gannon

"They haven't had an answer for Todd Heap today.  The Ravens like the match up against the tight end today.  Todd Heap is working and stretching the field."  -Rich Gannon

"And McGahee is trying to bust it out in the clear!  16 yard burst for Willis McGahee and another Baltimore first down."   -Ian Eagle

"McGahee keeps the legs churning and Michael Oher with a good block on that left side to create a little more room.  Eight, maybe nine yards, depending on the spot and McGahee beginning to get into a groove."  -Ian Eagle

"I really think this has to be the approach in the second half.  You have a big, strong offensive line and I think the concern for this Kansas City Chiefs defense is can they hold up.  I really think you have to continue to pound the ball."   -Rich Gannon

"They're just being overly aggressive and I don't think there's a need for that."  -Rich Gannon on the Ravens

"Flacco, over the middle, and Heap's got it diving in for the touchdown!  Ravens back in front."   -Ian Eagle

"He has had a field day against Corey Mays.  Corey Mays has not been able to hold up in coverage on Todd Heap."  -Rich Gannon

"Fans are getting into [the game] here."   -Ian Eagle

"Colquitt!  Off the side of his foot and the Chiefs are fortunate it took the roll that it did.  Oh boy, Dustin Colquitt the left-footed punter.  Bad timing.  A 28 yard punt."  -Ian Eagle

"The thing about it is, you have a team like Kansas City, who a lot of people didn't give a chance to, and after three quarters you're in for a fight.  This is not a team that's going to give up."   -Rich Gannon

"A huge performance by Heap as Flacco drops it in for 24 yards."  -Ian Eagle

"Todd Heap has his finger prints all over this game." -Rich Gannon